Traditional Japanese Reiki

Hands on healing at The Whiteowl Clinic

When you come to the Whiteowl clinic for a Traditional Japanese Reiki treatment you are in for a truly relaxing and deeply healing experience.

Imagine lying on a comfortable massage table, incense burning, relaxing music playing and feeling the healing touch of a persons hands gently placed on your body for an entire hour. Thats what you can expect when you come for a Japanese Reiki treatment at The Whiteowl Clinic.

A Japanese Reiki practitioner spends time cultivating stillness and energy (ki), which is then shared with the recipient on the table when the hands are placed on their body.

Japanese Reiki is a spiritual practice of self healing, a practice combining meditation, energy cultivation and cleansing practices, all with the intention of cleansing and opening and enhancing the energy pathways. A beautiful byproduct of such practices is an elegant, refined healing energy emitting from the hands and body, beneficial to all who are blessed by this warm healing touch and presence.

The energy itself is no different than the energy we feel when practicing qigong, yoga, taichi or martial arts. A student of Japanese Reiki however spends time everyday cultivating and refining energy using the japanese reiki methodology, cleansing the energy pathways to ensure a potent and refined energy transmission.

The Reiki energy is life force itself. A highly organised, deeply loving consciousness with the intelligence to understand the healing requirements of a person beyond the understanding of our conscious mind. In other words, the energy knows what you need and where you need it.

We simply set the intention to give and receive the healing we need, and let the power that made the body, heal the body.

So what is it helpful for? Everything. Treatments are common for people looking to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

It may take time for symptoms to heal. Part of the process is surrendering to a intelligent consciousness that truly understands what healing is required. A Reiki treatment is always relaxing, and always replenishing. What ever else we experience will be a result of the unravelling of the unique way we’ve put our stress together in the first place. What is guaranteed is a return to wholeness and balance, with an increased sense of love and wellbeing.

Logistics …

A Reiki treatment requires one hour, and the client remains fully clothed. Nothing is required from the client during a session except a willingness and an intention to heal. You may let yourself sleep or simply enjoying the relaxing feeling of the Reiki energy.

Jades Qualifications.


Usui Shiki Ryoho Level 1/2 – Oct 1997

Usui Shiki Ryoho Level 3 – Feb 1998


1st Degree – Aug 2000

2nd Degree – Sept 2001

3-7th Degree – Jan 2002


Shoden (Level 1) – May 2006

Shinpiden (Level 3) – Jan 2009

Jade has trained to the level Shinpiden, which translated means “Mystery Teachings”. It is the third and final level of the Japanese system of Reiki. Jade trained under her Reiki teacher Frans Steine with the International House of Reiki and the teachings aim to reflect those of the founder Mikao Usui during his lifetime.

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