So, what happened when you were 5″ 


For those who already receive NET treatments, this question may bring a smile to your face. These seemingly unimportant yet challenging events and situations that happen in our lives are often the birthing place of a way of being that has become memorised in our body, and employed as the go-to emotion dealing with all future stresses as an adult.

For example, age 5, we fall over and skin our knee, no one is there to help… we feel helpless, sad and alone, we start to cry. The crying somehow soothes us. we feel better somehow. The next time something bad happens, we remember feeling sad and alone, and we cry because it soothed us the first time. We try it again. Again, it helps.

The next 20 years go by, and we’ve memorised ‘sad and alone’ because it always made us feel better, we’ve done it so often it’s now hard-wired in our neuro-circuitry, its automatic, its memorised completely.  Now we’ve actually become a sad lonely person and we’re not really sure how that happened.

This is where NET can help. By performing a muscle test, we can establish the nature of an unresolved emotion or stress and identify its origin, then simply ‘extinguish’ the stress from the nervous system. Not only does this release the emotional energy, but restores your choice to emotionally respond differently to life and stress without being at the mercy of an automatic, unconscious, well memorised, hardwired emotional response.

How can it help me?

NET can address physical pain and disease that has an unresolved emotional component. It helps to resolve deeply held trauma and emotional pain. NET is also helpful when setting goals, to ensure there are no unwanted subconscious blocks to creating the life you want.

How is it performed?

NET uses muscle testing to determine the nature of the stress, and proceeds to employ gentle tapping on the spine to clear the blockage from ones neurology. It’s safe, quick and very powerful.

At The Whiteowl Clinic, NET can be used before any acupuncture treatment, and has proven to greatly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

“Emotions such as fear, anger, grief and many others can negatively affect us long after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to “let go” of these emotions we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviours, destructive beliefs, phobias, and many other chronic physical conditions.” Dr Scott Walker.



Click below to watch a small clip explaining NET in a little more detail.

Click below to watch the latest clinic research findings in treating trauma from cancer survivors.

Jades Qualifications

After being trained in the technique in 2013,  Jade recently journeyed to Carlsbad, California in February 2017 to train extensively with the creator of NET, Dr Scott Walker and his co-developer, Dr Deb Walker, and received full Certification.

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