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Chinese Herbal Medicine 

“First, do no harm” – Hippocrates.

Whiteowl is a proudly vegan and animal friendly clinic. Treatments inside this clinic promote life, we don’t take it.  The Chinese Herbs used at The Whiteowl Clinic do not contain animal products and do not contain products listed on the Endangered Species list.

Chinese Herbs. They work.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has evolved over two thousand years. Over this time and in the course of gathering and preparing food for the family it was discovered that properties of certain plants and minerals had strong healing properties that elicit a specific effect on the mind and in the body.

Hence, the birth of Chinese Herbal Medicine. The science and art of combining specific herbs to bring about health and healing of pain and disease.

How can we assist with Chinese Herbal Medicine?

The Ancients said the way to health and wellbeing is to remove harmful thoughts and actions, cultivate a still mind, and to find harmony with nature. A failure to do this will inevitably result in pain and disease.

Taking Chinese herbs then, is part of a bigger picture. When combined with watching and changing our unwanted thoughts, meditating, modifying our diet, altering our lifestyles to suit the season, and exercising every day, life takes dramatic shifts towards being free from physical or emotional suffering.

Herbs can help with things like…

Infertilty/Gynaecology, Colds and Flu, Fatigue, Digestive problems, Sleep Disorders, Mood Disorders, Stress, Pain, Musculo-skeletal problems, Urinary issues, Sexual Disfunction – men and women, Immunity, Emotional Stability… the list goes on.

The body is never in a state of complete balance, there is always something Chinese herbs can do to enhance our health and wellbeing. So, whilst in the process of improving our lives by changing how we think and feel, herbal medicine is there to support these challenging processes until the body can repair and supplement itself.


The herbal medicines used at The Whiteowl Clinic are sourced from Taiwan and comply with the strictest standards of quality control. It comes in a powder, which you prepare at home, much like making an instant coffee.  Spoon your required dose into a cup, add some hot water to dissolve the powder, let it cool slightly, then down the hatch! Delicious. Smiley face. Health. 

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